Tips for Stocking up a Bar for a Cocktail Party

If there is one thing known to give hosts sleepless nights, it is trying to figure out the amount of alcohol to stock lest you run out of drinks in the middle of the party. It can be both disappointing and embarrassing, and this is the last thing you would ever want your guests to go through.

Once the date and number of guests have been agreed on, the next thing is to decide between a limited menu and a full bar. Whichever you chose, both make the best options for such parties but below are tips to help you make that decision.

Drinks Per Guest

There is a general belief that guests tend to take two drinks in the first hour after joining the party and one drink every subsequent hour. While this may not be true with some guests, it’s generally the trend. Working out the drinks this way will save you the embarrassment of running out of drinks and leaving your guests staring at empty glasses.

Draw Up A Cocktail Menu

Since it is a cocktail party, having a menu will help in acquiring the right ingredients and drinks beforehand. To make things a little easier, settle on a number of cocktails. Some cocktails share ingredients, be sure to have most of such to minimize costs.

The Full Bar

This can sometimes be a little bit expensive, but again it offers guests a comprehensive list of drinks to choose from. Decide on what drinks you want to be available in the full bar and make sure they are enough to run through a night. Draw up a list of the essentials and narrow it down to other things based on what you would want your guests to have. For instance, if a good number of your guests are between 30 and 35 years old, make sure there is plenty of vodka, beer and rum in stock.