How Pubs Can Exploit Live-Streamed Sporting Events

Research shows that almost a quarter of consumers go to pubs just to watch their favourite sporting events live. While technology presents a myriad of options for sports fans, like live-streaming from the comfort of their own homes, pubs are still the venue of choice for many.

Apart from sports, gambling, the fastest-growing industry in the world, has found its place in the digital arena, and fans understand this all too well. Casinos such as provide a variety of games to punters, with the knowledge that these options are a sure-fire way to bring in new customers.

Since different people love different types of sport, it’s a good idea to feature a range of events to ensure that every fan’s tastes are catered to.

Simple Ideas for Boosting Sales with Sporting Events

  • Set a fixtures schedule: Since it is not possible to stream every game, coming up with a schedule will help you get the word out to your customer base. This will also give you an indication of which games your target audience would most like to watch.
  • Come up with promotions and offers: Once you have decided on the games you want to stream live, coming up with great offers for your customers is never a bad idea. For instance, you can offer two drinks for the price of one, or offer special discounts to those watching as a group. If this doesn’t work for you, you can also arrange for a ‘happy hour’ after the event is over, thus giving your customers a reason to stay longer and have a couple more drinks.
  • Hold giveaways and competitions: During such events, you can also come up with various giveaways and competitions in line with the sporting event being watched. Remember, there are countless ways bars can leverage technology to increase their revenue streams – even in the leanest of times.