Crowd-Pulling Events You Can Host at a Bar

Running a business has its ups and downs. There are times when business is booming, and times when things aren’t going so well.

One good strategy for ensuring that your back is covered during the hard times is to have a plan in place for offsetting revenue losses. Hosting the occasional bar event is a sure-fire way to bolster your revenue stream in uncertain times.

If you’re struggling to meet your bottom line, the following are some great ideas for bar events that you might consider.

Game Nights

Believe it or not, board games are a great way to pull in a crowd in a relatively small space. Host a game night once in a while, but make sure that the food and drinks are suitable for your target audience.

For instance, make sure to offer shareable platters while providing good deals on wine and beer pitchers for guests.

Open Mic Nights

These provide a great platform for people to showcase their talent. To make it even more interesting, you can hold competitions in which people need votes to move on to the next stage.

You’re sure to pull in more customers this way, since the various competitors will no doubt bring friends along to cheer them on.

Stand-Up Comedy Nights

If you want your bar to be the place where people go at the weekend, hosting comedy nights is a great way to ensure this.

Everyone could do with a good laugh, especially these days. Comedy nights don’t require much planning or resources, just a mic at one corner of the bar and someone funny to provide the jokes. With these few ingredients, you’re good to go.

Create well designed posters inviting all the neighbourhood jokesters. To encourage them, you can even offer free drinks to whoever gets the most laughs.