Best Bars and Pubs in Perth

If you have been wondering whether you have been to the best bar or pub in Perth yet, the possibility is that you could have since the list of the most interesting bars and pubs is long. This article will attempt to list down a few of them and give the reasons why they deserve this title.

Long Chim

If by any chance you have a few bucks to splurge on an expensive bottle of liquor, Long Chim has a variety of those. The menu here was not drawn in a hurry – there are endless options for different types of palate.

Bar Lafayette

Now eight years since it was established, Bar Lafayette is known for its cocktails and deluxe sofas that have a way of making sure you stay a little longer than you had planned. The bartenders are charming, which could be the reason why two of them got listed among the top bartenders in Australia.

Tiny’s Bar

If you have a few minutes in the evening to spare after work or are looking for a great place to spend time with friends over the weekend, Tiny’s should be the place. It has over 300 cocktails on offer. Why not be a bit adventurous and sample a few of them?


Bobeche ticks all the boxes if all you want is to spend quality time with your better half or someone you love spending time with. Its dim lights help, especially, if you have had a long day at work and you just want to chill out over a drink.

The Flour Factory

If you are into gin and tonic, head over to the Flour Factory. The fun part is that you get to spin the gin wheel and have a cocktail made just for you. The bartenders are friendly, they also don’t mind experimenting with cocktails.

These are just a few, there are dozens of other great pubs.